Our values

Adveq's corporate values guide us regardless of market developments, cultures and mentalities. They focus on clients, team, passion and responsibility. We measure ourselves against them. This is why they have been a firm part of our regular staff performance assessments. And we expect everyone who interacts with us to measure us against them as well.

Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow
  • We place the interest of our clients first. This does not mean doing whatever our clients ask, but guiding our clients in the most efficient manner for their benefit
  • We strive to provide our clients with excellent service and superior returns
  • We stress creativity and innovation and constantly seek the best solution for each client issue
As a team of professionals, we collaborate, share ideas and communicate openly
  • We stress teamwork, value diversity and show respect for each individual team member
  • We share credit and responsibility for successes and failures: no self promotion, no finger pointing, no internal politics
  • We disseminate relevant information broadly across the whole team and communicate honestly and openly
We are passionate about our business, our clients and our team
  • We believe in the power of common goals and core values
  • We are dedicated to and driven by a built-in motivation to achieve those goals
  • We set a high value on a balanced professional and private life for our staff
We assume full responsibility for our actions with integrity and high ethical standards
  • We comply with the letter and spirit of laws, rules and ethical principles that govern us
  • We practice active ownership, stand by our words and treat each other fairly 
  • We practice environmental, social and governance responsibility
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Corporate responsibility
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Core values unite talented team members across three continents and several cultures.

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