Private equity enables investors to cover the entire lifecycle of a company or industry. Our goal is to provide clients with exposure to what Adveq considers the most attractive private equity segments globally.

Full lifecycle diversification with private equity

For the benefit of our mandate solutions and investment programs we apply our specialist investment approach to a full range of private equity strategies and segments: from venture and growth capital to small and mid buyouts and turnarounds.

Venture capital

Adveq’s goal is  to participate in the success of future global leaders. Our particular interest is in businesses that create value through  new business models. Those sectors and companies that create and deploy new  intellectual property and/or technologies. Or those that form new brands and create  new markets.

We believe that early stage venture investing is particularly favorable due to its investment dynamics and capital flow balance.

Since Adveq was founded in 1997 we have invested with and alongside access restricted managers that specialize in technology and the healthcare sectors as well as in technology enabled businesses in other sectors.

Growth capital

Adveq’s goal with regard to growth capital investing is to help companies establish and maintain their growing trajectory, so they  can roll out their new and innovative products into new markets, introduce  additional product lines and grow their team and infrastructure to support that growth.

We pursue this strategy on a global basis, yet  with a particular focus on Asia and Western countries. The fund managers we invest with and alongside are either (i) well-established, often access-restricted  and show a high level of institutionalization, or (ii) they are emerging fund managers who are specialists in their sectors, often led by industry experts with extensive operating and investment backgrounds.

Small and mid buyouts

We believe that small and mid buyouts offer attractive opportunities due to their limited capital supply and a steady deal flow throughout market cycles. Adveq’s goal with regard to buyout investing is to help small companies implement their buy and build strategies, to re-focus their growth. Or to assist them with expanding their product lines, entering new markets and improving their systems and infrastructure. This often means helping to raise the level of professionalization within the portfolio company.

We focus our investment activities with and alongside specialized fund managers who demonstrate a clear edge over  generalist fund managers with regard to sourcing and execution of deals. In addition to our strong long-term relationships, our deep market coverage has enabled us to identify new emerging managers. With their differentiated approaches they have the potential to become established leaders in their fields.


Adveq’s turnarounds focus is on helping small to mid-sized companies that underperform their peers or are in financial distress. The goal is to create value by centering on financial and operational restructuring, refocusing and repositioning from a strategic perspective, and from transformatively outsourcing functions.

Mandate solutions
Adveq has a track record of implementing mandate solutions tailored to highly sophisticated clients.
Investment programs
Distinct investment programs to provide exposure to what we consider the most attractive private equity segments globally.
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