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We believe that combining the academic capabilities of one of the world’s leading business schools with the global expertise of Adveq’s private equity practitioners does provide useful insight to both investors and investment professionals.

Private equity research for practicioners
Under the label “The Adveq Applied Research Series” Adveq has supported the Private Equity Institute at London Business School in producing research in the private equity subject matter.

The Private Equity Institute has as its primary focus the establishment of a world-renowned research center and debating forum on private equity. Research topics cover a variety of areas relevant to institutional investing in the asset class.

Current and previous topics:

  • The Shifting Business Model of Private Equity: Evolution, Revolution, and Trench Warfare
  • ESG moving out of the Compliance Room and into the Heart of the Investment Process
  • The US Private Equity Universe: A Snapshot from SEC Filings
  • Risk Management Practices at Private Equity Firms
  • The Extent and Evolution of Pension Funds’ Private Equity Allocation
  • Value Creation in Buyout Deals: European Evidence

Latest study - Value Creation in Buyout Deals: European Evidence
Adveq is pleased to introduce the latest study in the Adveq Applied Research Series from the Private Equity Institute at London Business School, which set out to examine the changing face of the global private equity industry.

In one of the largest studies of its kind, “Value creation in buyout deals: European Evidence”, researchers from the London Business School examined a sample of nearly 10,000 European private equity-initiated deals, executed from 2008 to 2014, in search of a better understanding of how portfolio outperformance is achieved.

This report investigates the pricing and post-transaction performance of a large sample of European private equity deals executed between 1998 and 2014. These deals are benchmarked to similar corporate deals and to alternative samples of European companies that are not private equity owned and are matched on important characteristics.

The evidence in this report provides an insight into how value is created at the portfolio company level, thus providing an explanation of why private equity funds outperform public markets.

To watch the video-interview about the study click here.

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