Investment process

Adveq’s investment process is ISAE 3402 Type 2 audited. It is based on a rigorous, bottom-up approach to investment selection and portfolio construction, complemented by top-down risk control elements.

Multi-stage process

From the sourcing of an investment to the making of a commitment, Adveq’s due diligence process is divided into several stages. Progress from one stage to the next requires a formal decision.

The process fundamentally applies to all types of Adveq investments, whether primary, secondary or co-investment.

Identifying ingredients for success

The relationship to our fund managers is core to our approach. The investment team places significant emphasis on in-depth analysis of investments previously made by a fund manager, references for verification of Adveq’s fund manager assessment, and global benchmarking based on a broad knowledge exchange within Adveq. As a result, Adveq’s investment recommendation focuses strongly on the identification of a fund manager’s ingredients for success.

Investment monitoring

Post-investment, Adveq actively monitors developments at each fund manager down to the portfolio company/deal level. The latter’s progress is continuously monitored and discussed in detail with the fund manager in regular one-to-one meetings.

Our approach
Adveq’s ISAE 3402 Type 2 audited investment process, across primary, secondary and co-investments.
What our focus on value creation and means for the strategies and segments we cover.
Investment programs
Distinct investment programs to provide exposure to what we consider the most attractive private equity segments globally.

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