Why work with us

Our goal is to successfully invest in private equity for the benefit of our clients. To serve them best we spend considerable efforts on recruiting and developing exceptional team members across the globe.

Here are some reasons why outstanding and very talented individuals have chosen to work for us:

Be part of a global success story

We are a leading private equity specialist. Being part of Adveq means helping to shape our societies, build and transform businesses and create jobs. It also means building and expanding our professional network and being an advocate for our industry. And proving to our clients, investment managers and business partners that we deserve their trust.

Participate in professional and personal growth

We believe in advancing our people, both from a professional and personal perspective. For that we provide an environment that supports and nurtures this development.

Adveq professionals tend to be very well-educated when they join the firm. It builds from there. We are encouraged to deepen and broaden our skills. Which is why, at any time, you will find around a third of our staff attending external training or education. Learning never stops.

We encourage leadership at each level of our firm. And we are willing to support it with training and coaching along the way.

Embrace diversity as a competitive edge

Our teams are spread across three continents and eight offices. We represent around 25 nationalities, and the ratio of male to female employees is balanced. This is not diversity for diversity’s sake. We are where our clients, our investment managers and our business partners are. Like them, we come from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe.

Thrive in a healthy and pleasurable work environment

Whichever Adveq office you happen to work in, you will encounter top infrastructure, an ergonomic workplace, and a place to replenish your mental and physical batteries.

We do believe in work-life balance. Yet there are times when we pull together for our clients. It is good to know that our firm is here to support us during those times.

And we care about the environment. This is another reason why our offices are centrally located and easily reachable by public transportation.

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