Who works with us

Adveq employees, that is around 25 nationalities, with diverse backgrounds, from all walks of live. Each one has a unique story to tell why they joined our firm. And yet, you will find some common traits.

Drive and ambition

Adveq team members are passionate about private equity. Some changed industry in order to join Adveq. They go to great lengths to serve the most demanding clients. They strive to be highly respected by their peers, investments managers and portfolio companies.

Intellectual curiosity

Adveq started out in the venture space in 1997. It took curiosity and courage to uncover and explore the potential among the many startups in silicon valley at that time.

That curiosity is required today more than ever. What is commonly referred to as innovation is almost never linear. It requires a fresh and nimble mind. Sharpening our thinking and advancing our ideas with everyone willing to participate is part of our culture.

Leadership at every level

Highly agile organizations are flat by necessity. This requires Adveq employees to take responsibility and demonstrate leadership qualities in their teams, cross-departmental projects and in their interaction with clients, investment managers and business partners. Regardless of their level of seniority.

Shared values

As diverse as its team members may be, Adveq employees share common values.

We put our clients first. If we serve them well, our own success will follow.

We place the team above the individual. As a team of professionals, we collaborate, share ideas and communicate openly.

Responsibility guides our every action. We act with integrity along high ethical standards. We practice those environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards we promote within the industry.

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